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Skin Care Routine 2023

The importance of skin care is for EVERYONE!

I have oily combination skin, the difference after pampering my skin was a revelation and has helped boost my confidence! Over the years, I have tried many products and have come full circle to just using simple, affordable and effective products. Now, it is time to love yourself a little bit more.

Check out the list below for products that I am currently using and believed in.

Eli Yeung Male Model Men's Skincare

Day Skin Care Routine

I use my preferred sunblock daily indoors or out, regardless of circumstances.

Day Skin Care Routine

Step 1: Cleanser

Option 1: If you have make-up on, use Micellar Water + a gentle cleanser of your choice

Option 2: Double cleanse with a gentle cleanser of your choice.

Step 2: Serum/ Actives

Pick a serum of your choice, I tend to rotate them for fun.

- Retinol (For wrinkles, fine lines & clearer skin): MUST!

- Succinic Acid (Acne spot treatment): MUST!

Step 3: Moisturiser

I use the moisturiser first followed by Acai Oil to lock everything in.

By the end of it, my face should look like a glazed doughnut.

Luxury Product

This is an optional item if you have extra money to spend on.

It feels luxurious and will make your £10 product feels like a £100.

Click here to read more about my skincare routine.

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