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The Ultimate Male Model Skin Care Routine: From Cleansing to Moisturising

The importance of skin care has been relatively new to me. The difference it made to my skin was a revelation and helped boost my confidence! It could be SO simple and inexpensive. In fact, it has been so effective that I've received compliments from makeup artists and friends around me recently.

The concept of putting on a face moisturiser only existed when I hit my mid-20s. Throughout the years, I did a lot of experimenting and understanding skin care. IE, Ingredients, skin type, function & steps.

Today I will share the products I have been using this year that have worked for me with acne-prone combination skin.

Now, let's dive in and find out more!


First, let's talk about sunblock. This essential step covers about 75% of your skincare routine. It definitely needs an entire section because sunblock protects you from harmful UV rays, a very effective anti-ageing and anti-cancer product.

I use them daily, even when the days are short during winter month and INDOOR! Without fail! Trust me, the difference it does to your skin is drastic.

I have tested many products and found that GRUUM makes the BEST affordable 50SPF sunblock at only £9. I swear by it!

They are not sticky nor oily, absorb into your skin fast, have no white cast & packed with excellent ingredients that are nourishing for your skin.

Even when I go for photoshoots, I have them handy in my bag and reapply them immediately after removing my makeup!

Currently, I am testing out some 50SPF lip balm. If you know any, please let me know!

Day Time Routine

There's no need to get into much detail with day time routine. I usually rinse my face with water and shave using Harry's shaver. I subscribed to them because they are well-priced, well-built, good-quality razor shavers.

Once that's done, I put on my trusty 50SPF sunblock with a light layer of makeup, and I'm ready to go! EASY PEASY!

Night Time Routine

Now, this is where I need to elaborate more. I've learnt to wind down and enjoy spending some time doing my routine. I am pretty impatient, so "spending some time" for me is about 15 minutes, MAXIMUM! But it's definitely time worth spending. If you want good skin, you gotta put in the effort, friends!

I've listed down the products in the order of my routine. Hopefully, it's simple enough to follow. 🙂

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

If you constantly have makeup on like I do, then the Garnier Micellar water is the holy grail makeup remover! I use it even when I have nothing on my face just to lift dirt off my skin before washing it. Who needs makeup remover wipes? They are SO ineffective!

grüum Kÿra Gentle Face Wash 120ml

Cruelty-free, vegan, dermatologically tested & suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. What else can you ask for? Every time I wash my face, my skin feels clean and bright! It doesn't feel like my skin has been stripped off and tight. I just love it!

grüum Gösta Rejuvenating Facial Tonic 50ml

By now, you already know my unconditional love for Gruum products. They're not only affordable but also packed full of nourishing ingredients.

This lightweight facial toner comes in a small 50ml spritz bottle. It contains ingredients that will reduce redness, blemishes, and pores with anti-ageing properties! Absolutely refreshing!

The INKEY List Retinol Serum

If you're looking to reduce the appearance of your wrinkles and have clearer skin. The INKEY List is known to make simple one-ingredient-only products, and they happen to make one of my favourite retinol serums. Check this out. However, be careful at the start because it works to help your skin cell turn over faster, and your skin might look flaky. Start small, monitor and gradually increase.

The INKEY List Succinic Acid Blemish Treatment 15ml

I am prone to acne, and sometimes the spot can feel sore before it's visible. So, I always have a tube of the INKEY List Succinic Acid ready for spot treatment. In fact, I use it almost daily because acne is always waiting to come out of my face!

grüum Pür Gentle Moisturiser 50ml

My daily must-have evening moisturiser. Lightweight, natural ingredients, Niacinamide, protect & repair! MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE! Sometimes if I feel too lazy after washing my face, I'll skip the first few steps and use only my toner, moisturiser and oil - 2 Minutes, I'm done!

grüum Botanisk Acai Berry Oil 30ml

If the moisturiser is to lock all the goodies from all the steps before, then a facial oil is to double lock it? According to grüum's description on their website, the botanisk – Acai Berry Oil is a superfood for your skin that contains 3 times more antioxidants than blueberry? I love using it; it makes my skin glow!

Réduit Boost Dusty Blue skincare treatment device


So, this is an optional luxury item. It's a smart skincare device that uses customised vibration, a.k.a Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Technology (PEMFT), for deeper penetration of active ingredients. Making your £9.99 Inkey List product £300. FANCY!

Do I enjoy using it?

Yes - It feels lush

No - It makes my routine longer!

Does it work?

I would say yes. The products are absorbed better into my skin, and it feels good. It did prevent my long waiting list of acne from appearing. Scientifically, I am unsure. I have to trust the brand. At least, it works for me. My skin looks great, it keeps my acne at bay, and I'm borderline enjoying it.

That's all! Does it sound complicated? Maybe yes; if you are new to skincare reading this, let me explain it:

  • Sunblock, MUST!

  • Micellar Water, MUST!

  • Good gentle face cleanser, MUST!

Start from the lightest to the heaviest product.

  • Toner

  • Serum (Treatment)

  • Moisturiser

Understand your skin type. I have acne-prone combination skin. I'm also in my 30's, looking to maintain & protect my skin from ageing too quickly. So, always check the labels and understand what active ingredients you need that is BEST for you!

For me:

  • Witch Hazel

    • Reduce excess oil

    • Reduce inflammation

    • Reduce blemishes

    • Soothes irritation

  • Retinol

    • Clears acne & pores

    • Even skin tone & texture

    • Anti-ageing: prevent fine lines and wrinkles

    • Increase collagen and cellular turnover

    • Brighten skin

  • Niacinamide

    • Reduce redness & blotchiness

    • Shrink pores

    • Regulates oil

    • Rebuild skin cells, and protect against environmental stresses. i.e. sun, pollution and toxins

    • Treats hyperpigmentation

    • Treats acne

I am not an expert, but I've studied and found what works for me. My primary source of information is Cassandra Bankson, and she is INCREDIBLE! If you have questions, as she said, Google her name and the issues or her name and the ingredient, and she'll tell you ALL ABOUT IT!


  • Cassandra Bankson Retinol

  • Cassandra Bankson Ezema

Skincare can be fun, and I am definitely having fun with it. It can be really inexpensive too! I use all those products listed above, which generally lasts about 2 months or more. That adds to about under £30 monthly for 7 PRODUCTS, including a cleanser and makeup remover! You won't even get 1 expensive eye cream for that price!

I'm also not going to pretend that the links I've included are not affiliates. It took me weeks to write this article because I like to proof my copies and ensure I am true to what I say. It also helps me maintain my platforms, try new products, and my daily expenditures. So, THANK YOU VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE! Feel free to follow me on my Instagram, drop me a DM or send me an email. I'll see you guys real soon!

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