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Eli Yeung Beach

Hey everyone!

I am The Imperfect Model, Eli Yeung. 


Despite being "flawed" with scoliosis and lipoma, I ironically live in the superficial world as a professional model.


According to Google, these conditions only affect 1-3% of the world's population. 


Depending on the severity, pre or post-op, these conditions may not be visible to the naked eye.


I underwent spinal fusion surgery when I was 21, so I know first-hand how an "invisible disability" can impact a person's confidence, both physically and mentally. 


When I look in the mirror, I still feel like I have body dysmorphia, trying to adjust my misaligned body. Even a simple backache can last for weeks or months, making everyday tasks a struggle. However, I don't let these challenges hold me "back". No pun intended.


I have made it my mission to create content sharing my modelling journey while discussing personal insecurities within the industry. I hope to encourage and inspire others to embrace their unique qualities and use them as strengths to achieve their goals.


Liberate doubt.

If you're would like to collaborate?

Feel free to hit me up!

Represented by:

England: Zebedee Talent

Northern Ireland: Maureen Martin Models

Dublin: ROS Model Management

Netherlands: EVD Agency


A little short snippet to sum me up!

  • INFJ/ P

  • Homebody

  • Houseplant dad

  • Absolute weeper

  • Obsessed with fried food

  • A tight bugger £££ (Walking

  • I love to learn new skills

  • Marketer

  • Photographer

  • Internalised Electronica, Soul & Pop Singer

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