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Elevate Your Style: A Male Model's Guide on How to Wear Silk Scarf Effortlessly for Mens

Updated: Mar 24

Despite the common belief that models always dress up, my style has become increasingly basic since I started modelling myself. My go-to outfit is a white T-shirt and blue jeans, the classic “model-off-duty” look. This style allows me to be a blank canvas for designers or casting directors to envision their creative concepts. Now, with a wardrobe of mainly basics, I have learned to be creative and adore the idea of a “blank canvas”. It allows me to add layers or strip them back as much as I want to inject my personality into the outfit. I may appear put together, but I am just in my T-shirt and jeans if you see past all those layers. It’s PERFECT “less is more”.

Now, let’s start and find out how men can effortlessly wear a silk scarf.

Last year, I had the opportunity to partner with the fantastic Firehorse, and through that, I’ve learnt to integrate scarves into my style. Despite having long hair and facial features that make me look pretty, I like to look a little rugged. I love a casual to semi-casual style that gives off an effortless vibe. You know, “I don’t care, but ACTUALLY, I do”. 

How do I achieve it? 

You have to mix and match with the old and the new. Here’s a little secret: my oldest pair of shoes are my Converse and G-Star boots, which are about 10 years old, tattered, full of holes, and I still wear them regularly. The trick is to mix it with something of great quality that can elevate your look. Build on layers with your silk scarf to add some oomph to your style. Men can absolutely be bold with their accessory choices, too! Small details count; they build on and set you apart! It’s fun!


Full Suit - Pocket Square

FIREHORSE Luxury Pocket Square Silk Scarf Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 collection Eli Yeung
FIREHORSE Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 collection

I enjoy wearing a full suit, but it's easy to come off as pretentious and trying too hard to look important, like a taxman. A fine line indeed. However, I like that a pocket square adds colour and interest, breaking up the monotony. Recently, I was asked at an event to help put on a few pocket squares as I am deemed a “fashion” person in the crowd. Little did they know that my style has an element of ruggedness; I believe you don't have to try too hard to fold a perfect pocket square. Scrunch it into a lovely organic shape you like, and you're all set. This way, you can add an element of casualness to your look, which I LOVE!

Full Suit - Neck Tie

FIREHORSE Luxury Neckerchief Silk Scarf Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 collection Eli Yeung
Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 collection

Why wear a tie when scarves are more fun? One of my absolute favourite looks is a neckerchief with a suit. It’s smart yet interesting. It’s as easy as spinning a small silk scarf, double knotting it, and tucking it into your shirt. You can add a pocket square of the same or similar print if you like. It’s easy, no bulk, no fuss, but stylish!



I love how a luxurious silk scarf can elevate a simple £10 tee looking £100 worth. You don’t need to over-dress it; show off the beautiful design and let your personality shine! Apply the model’s “blank canvas” concept. Also, don’t be afraid of wearing scarves in the summer; a good silk scarf will keep you cool during warmer days and warm when it’s cold.

Below are some ways I would style myself with some of the Firehorse scarves.



Going from formal immediately to casual is quite a jump, but there is an in-between style that you might want to consider—semi-casual. 

The key to achieving this look is all in the styling. 

If you are used to dressing casually and want your outfit to look more smart, try layering it with a suit jacket or smart coat. 

Do the reverse by overlaying a casual jacket over your suit or switching jeans to tone down your formal wear. 

You can add some interest by including casual elements like a cap, beanie, eyewear, and choice of bag. 

Remember, these small details count; they build on and set you apart!


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post on how men can effortlessly wear a silk scarf. I hope you found this content helpful and enjoyable. If you don’t know me, I am Eli Yeung, an imperfect model towering at only 5”9 with Scoliosis and Lipoma. I share content about pursuing goals and dreams, tips on becoming a model, liberating doubt and embracing your differences to make a difference.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Eli Yeung

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